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Thesis  Master Urbanism: Flexibility : an alternative development method for new urban areas // Hanoi. This is the combined work I did for my graduation research.

// July 2014

Portfolio Urbanism and Landscape design: My personal on-line portfolio showing a compilation of my work, including urban design, urban planning, landscape architecture and research.

// April 2015

Paper in Atlantis Magazine 25.2 : 'Flexibility and Resilience in Asian New Towns'. A short article to be published in Atlantis magazine that summarizes my thesis project about Nam An Khanh in Hanoi.

// February 2015


Paper published at the 8th Conference of the International Forum on Urbanism : 'Re-Framing Resilient Urbanism: A Smart Alternative to Generic New Town Development in South-East Asia, the Case of Hanoi (Vietnam)'. Full conference article by: Luisa Maria Calabrese, Wouter van Faassen, Lei QU.

// June 2015


urban planning - urban design - landscape architecture - research


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