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Honorable mention in  Karitaat bridge competition in Delft!


The jury was impressed by my work on the Karitaat bridge and awarded a honorable mention for the human scaled and nicely detailed design.


"The jury was impressed by the integration of this design in the bigger landscape context. This was the only entry that did not stop at the edges of the Karitaat but went beyond with another bridge and aquatic landscape design along the shore. The bridge itself is characterized by its quiet eloquence and friendly details. Beautiful parapets and carefully integrated benches."


05-12-2014  by wouter van faassen

Corporation with studioPlots!


Together with studioPlots! from Amsterdam Elmer Verhaak and I worked on a strategy for temporary use of a former hospital complex. The competition organized by the province Overijssel was a great first occasion for us to work together. Already looking forward to future corporations! www.studioplots.nl


04-12-2014 by wouter van faassen


Lecture at Rotterdam University of applied Science " Hogeschool Rotterdam


Today I was invited by lector Gert-Joost Peek to give a lecture to the students from the minor sustainable urban development on the concepts of flexible planning approaches. I was lucky enough to be in the room with Gerd Urhahn from 'Spontaneous City International'.


24-10-2014 by wouter van faassen

Now also on Pinterest


Social media are a good platform to show off my work. On the new Pinterest account I will try to keep you updated on what I have been working on.


08-12-2014 by wouter van faassen

>> download my portfolio in PDF (10 mb) here!



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