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Wouter van Faassen (1989) is an urban designer and researcher, specialized in resilient and flexible urbanism, graduated from Delft University of Technology in 2014. In my graduation work I explored the possibilities of alternative urban development strategies that result in greater flexibility and resiliency. It was highly appreciated with a 9.5/10 by the graduation commission. In my opinion most city districts should be designed in such a way that they can be dynamic and diverse within a strong framework, in order to provide the necessary resiliency and therefore sustainability.


I am pragmatic and ambitious. My strength is to come up with surprising but still feasible, design solutions. In my thinking I am not constraint by official limits; I try to bend and change rules in order to produce ideas and visions connected to reality.

In my work I am pragmatic and always money aware, resulting in plans that can actually be realized.


My professional interest also covers landscape architecture, heritage preservation and water related issues as part of integrated design solutions.


Since 2010 I started to provide services in 3d modelling, augmented reality and visualization with SketchUp. Since 2013 I regularly do design competitions together with Elmer Verhaak and others.

>> Download my portfolio in PDF (10 mb) here!

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Urbanism | Master of Science

Delft University of Technology

2011 – 2014


Graduation thesis: Flexibility, an alternative

development strategy in new urban areas in Hanoi.



Landscape Architecture | Minor

Delft University of Technology




Bouwkunde | Bachelor of Science

Delft University of Technology

2007 – 2011





Premiere Pro

Adobe Muse CC

Sketch Up Pro

V-Ray for SU





urban planning - urban design - landscape architecture - research


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